World Water Day 2019.

World Water Day 2019.

March 23,2019.

water is the most precious gift given to us by nature. it has great importance in every field of life. one cannot imagine even to live without water. That’s why keeping in view its importance World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March each year. The purpose of the world water day celebration is to focus attention on the importance of water while advocating for the proper management of freshwater resources. World Water Day tries to aware people about the importance of drinking water, it’s health benefits and to promote sustainability freshwater resources’ management. ‘Leaving no one behind’ is the theme for World Water Day 2019.

A person’s body needs an adequate amount of water to work properly as the brain, blood and bones are composed of high water content. It is necessary to stay hydrated because the dehydrated body can cause many health problems. To add on, beverages like juices and drinks cannot fulfill the water requirement. Everybody should take at least 7-8 glasses of water every day. Water has many health benefits and Some of them are it prevents osteoporosis, balance body temperature, prevent arthritis, promote digestion assist with breathing, boost metabolism, relieves pain, improves skin condition, helps in removing out toxins and support cardiovascular health.

Water helps to boost metabolism which helps in various health benefits such as weight loss. Moreover, water carries minerals, salts, hormones, nutrients, and oxygen to the body parts. Water also removes dead cells, waste material, and body toxins. Water is also required in excess amount for the proper functioning of the Proteins and various enzymes in the body. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate.

Water has great importance for those people who want to look slim. Drinking a large amount of water helps those who want to lose their weight. Start drinking water before your meals and it will help keep your stomach full.

One more great importance of water is that it helps to dissolve kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water every day helps in preventing the formation of stones in kidneys. Water dissolves the remains of various types of chemicals, minerals, and salts and helps in removal that excess and toxic waste through urination.

Plenty of water can also treat various types of skin diseases like blisters and frostbite. Water moisturizes the skin and removes early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagged skin. Water helps to give you clear, blushing and shining skin.

The last but not the least important of water is that it also improves the digestive system. Lack of water can cause constipation or diarrhea. When you take your meal then always drink water after an hour and it helps in effective digestion and regulates irregular bowel movements as well.

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