SriLankan Airlines: World’s Most Punctual Airline.

SriLankan Airlines: World’s Most Punctual Airline.

June 08, 2019.

SriLankan Airlines has been named ‘World’s Most Punctual Airline’, the flag carrier of Sri Lanka, for the second consecutive time in less than 12 months with over 90% of its flights in May being “on time”.

The global flight tracker, ‘Flightstats’ which analyzed data of over 41 carriers from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East including some of the world’s largest and most prestigious airlines named it so, before drawing its conclusions on the scale of punctuality.

Airlines are categorized among four categories – the others being Regional Airlines and Low-Cost Carriers – with some airlines appearing in more than one category.

Achieving punctuality rating of 90.75% by SriLankan Airlines in May 2019 was impressive as it was achieved despite facing challenges caused by heightened security at airline’s hub at Bandaranaike International Airport (in Sri Lankan capital Colombo) aftermath of April 21 Easter Sunday terror attacks that killed over 250 people.

Earlier last year, the flight’s data analysis company gave SriLankan Airlines the remarkable status of being the world’s most punctual airline in the month of September 2018 in the key categories of ‘Global Airlines’ and ‘Major Airlines’. According to an analysis by Flightstats (, an extraordinary 91.37% of SriLankan Airlines’ flights in September 2018 were on time.

SriLankan’s punctuality was far ahead, in the ‘Global Airlines’ category, of the giant U.S. based carrier Delta Airlines that was in second place with 86.74% flights on time, while third place went to the Japanese airline ANA with 86.61% on time. SriLankan was easily ahead, in the ‘Major Airlines’ category, of India’s IndiGo that was in second place with 86.92% of flights being on time, and ANA which was third.

The structured process that monitors and coordinates the performance of all departments and individual staff members responsible for various aspects of its operations resulted in SriLankan’s consistently high level of on-time performance. This precision process of coordination involves many internal and external entities and it is noteworthy that this is carried out in a highly regulated industry where 100% compliance is expected for all statutory obligations. The degree of attention given for punctuality monitoring is infallibly high with zero tolerance for slips in the process.

The exceptional performance came on the heels of the airline when SriLankan’s airline has launched its dynamic new ‘Ready to Fly!’ program at the starting of September 2018, to enhance its world-renowned customer service by providing increased punctuality levels of its flights around the world.

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