International Day of Happiness 2019.

International Day of Happiness 2019.


The United Nations General Assembly and its 193 member states decided to celebrate “International Day of Happiness” on 28th June 2012. Jayme Illien, United Nations special advisor made the proposal.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon announced regarding the inclusion of “International Day of Happiness” in the UN’s calendar of events in the UN’s 66th session on 17th September 2012.

The first “International Day of Happiness” was celebrated on 20th March 2013, since then it’s being celebrated every year by 193 member states, 11 territories, and 2 observer states.

The International Day of Happiness 2019 celebrated on 20th March 2019 and its theme was – ‘Happier Together’. It was also celebrated with the central theme – “Share Happiness and be a part of Something Amazing”.

The main purpose of this year’s International Day of Happiness is to spread happiness in everybody’s life. Different organizations and NGOs organized events to celebrate the occasion by motivating people to share how they spread happiness.

In South Africa, the famous FM radio OFM celebrated the day by playing music with a happier nature and positive nods. It also broadcasted programmes on the topic “The secret to a long and happy life”. It also organized various competitions and the winners awarded prizes.

UN’s special advisor Jayme Illien, who was also a philanthropist and a statesman made the proposal for the celebration of “International Day of Happiness” for the first time. In 2011, he first suggested the concept to a team of senior United Nations’ officials.

Later the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon garnered the support of 193 UN member states and then –Jayme Illien.

Furthermore, Jayme Illien formulated the UN’s Resolution 66/281 on June 28th, 2012, which was also accepted by the General Assembly. The Resolution decided 20th March as the “International Day of Happiness” and told member states, civil society, government organizations and individuals to celebrate 20th march as the “International Day of Happiness”.

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