India surprised by the new political map of Pakistan.

India surprised by the new political map of Pakistan.

August 6, 2020.

India surprised by the new political map of Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan released a new political map on Tuesday which includes the whole Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Sir Creek, and Junagadh. Imran and Foreign Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi have told this would be the new map of Pakistan.

Pakistan released the new map just before the 5 august decision of the BJP government about rolling back the special status of J&k. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said for the first time in reference to the inclusion of J&K and Ladakh, “that a map reflected the aspirations of the people”. He also said that the federal cabinet, the Kashmiri leadership, and Pakistan’s political leadership has validated the government’s move.

These untenable claims of Pakistan about territories of India have rejected by the government as an “exercise in absurdity”. A statement from the Ministry of External Affairs said, “These ridiculous assertions have neither legal validity nor international credibility.” Moreover, in another statement, the External Affairs department added that the release of the new map reflects Pakistan’s “obsession with territorial aggrandizement” supported by cross-border terrorism.

On November 2, after the re-organization of J&K, India released a new map in which it included Pakistan occupied Kashmir as part of the union territory of J&K, and Gilgit Baltistan, as part of Ladakh. It seems that Pakistan’s inclusion of J&K and Ladakh appears to be a tit-for-tat for India.

But India totally surprised by the other two inclusions. Out of the two, one is Sir Creek on the Kutch, coastline, a 96-km estuary on the India-Pakistan through Gujarat and Sindh. This area was once an “apple of discord” between India and Pakistan and they reached on an agreement with difficulty in 2007-08.

Pakistan has one more inclusion and that is of Junagadh. It is also in coastal Gujarat. It has a decision to join India in 1947 that was systematized through a referendum in 1948. At first, Pakistan didn’t accept the decision but it was overtaken by the first India-Pakistan war over Kashmir that started at the end of October 1947. This war was continued for over a year and ended in 1948.

Pakistan didn’t claim Junagadh for the first time in history. Before this, in the year 2012 in the Atlas of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, they portrayed Junagadh as a separate territory. The road previously known as Kashmir Highway has been renamed to a major road in Islamabad as Srinagar Highway.

India expressed strong disapproval against this move of Pakistan when prime minister Imran Khan released the new map in Islamabad and said that it was approved by the federal Cabinet. Ministry of External Affairs of India slammed Pakistan’s new political map and said in a press statement that it is an exercise of political absurdity. This illogical claim of Pakistan has neither international credibility nor legal validity.


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