India sign 200 crore deal with Russia to acquire Strum Ataka Anti-Missile.

India sign 200 crore deal with Russia to acquire Strum Ataka.

July 05, 2019.

India sign 200 crore deal with Russia to acquire Strum Ataka in this World of science and technology. Every country of the World wants to become well worsed in its defense system. So there is a race between different countries to go ahead each other in its defense system. So India never wants to be leg behind. From time to time India signed different kinds of deals with powerful nations of the World to acquire different kinds of modernized weapons to strengthen its defense system.

Keeping in view this thing, India now signed a deal with Russia to buy ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missile for its fleet of Mi-35 attack choppers. By acquiring these missiles India will be able to control any kind of battle like situation on its borders. Its because India has border disputes with its two neighboring countries like China and Pakistan. India is also suffering from border terrorism in Pakistan occupied Makbuja Kashmir for a long time.

Keeping itself battle-ready in situations like the one post-Balakot aerial strikes, India has signed a deal to acquire ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missile from Russia for its fleet of Mi-35 attack choppers. India has also faced the breach of its sovereignty in 1965 and 1971 by Pakistan and in 1962 by China. Indian armies handle these challenges with courage and bravery. In Kargil operation, Pakistan again breached the sovereignty of India. But the Indian army came out with bright colors whether India has suffered the loss of many brave soldiers.

The Government sources told ANI, “The deal for acquiring ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missiles was signed with Russia under the emergency clauses through which the missiles would be supplied within three months of contract signing.” India will buy these anti-tank missiles of worth Rs 200 crore and this will increase the capability of the Mi-35 choppers to take out the enemy tanks and other armoured elements from its boundary.

In the past, India has bought US-made Apache choppers. These choppers are specially designed keeping in view to handle with any kind of situations. These choppers can carry different kinds of weapons in warfare. The Mi-35s are the existing attack choppers of the Indian Air Force and are set to be replaced with the Apache gunships and slated to be delivered from next month onwards. 

In the present time, India really needs these kinds of missiles to handle emergency situations. That’s why India has been trying to acquire the Russian missiles for a long time but the deal has been signed under the emergency provisions after more than a decade. This deal will become a milestone for India because this will increase the power of the Indian Air Force.

Defense Ministers of India raise the issue of emergency provisions from time to time. Last week, Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh had given a presentation about the procurements made by the three services under the emergency provisions. Whether all the Indian forces want to acquire weapons for the emergency situations but the Indian Air Force has emerged as the frontrunner in terms of weapon acquisition under the emergency procurement, followed by the Indian Army. 

In the past Indian Air Force has acquired many kinds of weapons from different nations from time to time to well versed it. Moreover, the IAF has acquired the Spice-2000 stand-off weapon system along with a number of spare and air to air missile deals with multiple counties under the emergency provisions to equip itself for sudden war. 

The Indian army also planned to buy technological and modernized war types of equipment from different nations. At present, the Army is in the process of acquiring the Spike anti-tank guided missile from France and Igla-S air defense missiles from Russia under the emergency provisions. These weapons will definitely enhance the capability of the Indian Air Force. 

The government officials said that they have given powers to the three services( Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army) so that they can buy the equipment of their choice within three months at a cost of up to Rs 300 crore per case. The officials have the view that the three forces know better what they actually required according to their needs.

The government sources said that the emergency powers were given to the forces within few weeks after the February 14 Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed, and India started increasing vigil at the borders with Pakistan. India wants it’s all forces to be capable of handling any kind of situation on the border.

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