Fighter jets sent by China amidst US’s support for Taiwan.

Fighter jets sent by China amidst US’s support for Taiwan.

August 12, 2020.

Fighter jets sent by China amidst US’s support for Taiwan. Fighter jets of Chinese air force crossed over the midline of the Taiwan Strait briefly on Monday. Taiwan’s government said that its land-based anti-aircraft missiles immediately tracked them and were “drive out” by patrolling Taiwanese aircraft. The health chief of the US, Alex Azar, also visited the island to offer President Donald Trump’s firm support. The US official reached Taiwan on Sunday and this visit of him is condemned by China because the Dragon claims the island as its own.

China has promised unspecified retaliation to the trip by Azar. Fighter aircraft of China named J-11 and J-10 flew briefly into the air space of Taiwan that separates it from China. The defense ministry of China gave no reaction regarding the allegation of Taiwan. Taiwan has said that fighter jets of China had crossed the median line of the narrow strait for the third time since 2016. Taiwan air force said that Chinese fighter jets flew into its territory briefly just before the US official met their President Tsai Ing-wen. In between this tension, the USA has extended its full-fledged support to the island nation.

The relations between Washington and Beijing are not good enough and in spite of this, the Trump administration boosted arms sales to Taiwan and keep strengthening its support for the democratic island as a priority. In the Presidential Office, standing in front of two Taiwanese flags, Azar told Taiwanese president, “It’s a true honor to be here to convey a message of strong support and friendship from President Trump to Taiwan.” The US official visited Taiwan to strengthen economic and public-health cooperation with it and to support the international role of it in fighting the COVID 19 epidemic.

There were more coronavirus cases and deaths in the US in comparison to any other country in the World. Aa a result the relations between the US and China are not up to the mark due to COVID-19. The US always put allegations upon China for his misleading the World. The trade-related tariffs are also the cause of the clash between the two countries. The US has imposed tariffs on China and China has, in its turn, retaliated by imposing counter-tax on the US. Moreover, certain Chinese companies are banned by the US for doing business in the country. The US is also gesticulating other ally countries to do the same so that Beijing could be isolated from the rest of the world, economically.

The president of Taiwan said that she is thankful to the US for their strong support to them. She also expressed her regard for the US because of their commitment to helping the island for expanding its global participation. She also thanked the US President, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Health Secretary Azar for the recognition of Taiwan’s contribution to the world over the fighting of the pandemic. However, Beijing has a strict reaction against this move of the United States.

Azar told Tsai that Taiwan gave an amazing response to the COVID-19 pandemic which is most successful in the world, and it is a tribute to the democratic nature of Taiwan’s society and culture. He also said that Taiwan took fast and reliable steps to fight with COVID -19 and as a result, there was fewer number of corona cases as compared to the neighboring countries. In her response, Tsai said that Taiwan could have done more to fight the epidemic but they were unable to do because of no political consideration by the World Health Organisation (WHO). She put allegations upon China for pressurizing the WHO.

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