Enzyme to Arrest Bacteria Cell Growth Discovered.

Enzyme to Arrest Bacteria Cell Growth Discovered.

April 5,2019.

Today is the World of Science and Technology. New inventions are coming into the World market day by day. That day seems to be not so far when Scientists will be able to offer a new potential for a new drug delivery route to catch the anti-bacterial resistance through existing antibiotic drugs because a new enzyme which helps in breaking cell walls of bacteria have been discovered by the Scientists at the Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB).

CCMB director Rakesh Mishra and senior scientist Manjula Reddy explained at a press conference here on Tuesday, explained that to understand the anti-bacterial resistance to currently available antibiotics, it is very vital to know how cells grow in bacteria.

To understand this phenomenon, Scientists of the whole world are working on it and Dr. Reddy has been also working in his lab since the past decade that how e. Coli bacteria cells function, divide and grow to understand diseases like cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis.

The first motive of Dr. Reddy and her research scholar Ch. Pavan Kumar is to know how the cell governs the synthetic machinery to build the cell wall. They have put their all efforts in this programme since the past decade to identified the principal players behind the process and discovered the new mechanism or enzyme through which the cell regulates the growth of its wall.

The enzyme working on cell division is almost the same in all other bacterias which is fundamental for bacterial growth and division. So new ways to target microbes could be found by blocking this scissors enzyme from functioning and this leads to the production of antibiotic drugs in abundance. In comparison, antibiotic drugs like penicillin that hits the mechanism that helps in creating the cell wall only at the last stage of cell synthesis.

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