Election Commission advisory to Media.

Election Commission advisory to Media.

March 25, 2019.

Display of an opinion poll and of standard debates, analysis, viuals, and sound bytes are also included in the advisory of the Election Commission.

The Election Commission said on Saturday that exit polls can only be telecast on the evening of May 19 after the last phase of Lok Sabha election will be completed as it issued an advisory to the media in which social websites and social media are included for the first time.

TV, radio channels, cable networks, websites, and social media platforms should ensure that the programmes telecasted by them during the 48-hour period before the completion of each phase of election “do not contain any contents, including debates of politicians upon election results, views or appeals by candidates that may be taken as promoting or prejudicing the prospect” of any particular party or candidate”, said The Commission in an advisory.

The elections will be held in seven phases will begin on April 11 and end on May 19. The counting of votes is on May 23. The advisory is also applied on the assembly polls which are being held simultaneously in Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha, and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Election Commission said, ” It will keep an eagle’s eye on the broadcasts made by news broadcasters from the time elections are announced until the announcement of election results”.

NBSA (News Broadcasting Standard Authority) will be dealt (under its rules and regulations) with any kind of violation by member broadcasters reported to the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) by the Election Commission, it said.

News broadcasters must not air any final, formal and definite results on social media until such results are officially announced by the Election Commission of India”, said by the Election Commission. If any broadcaster caught in violating the things in the advisory then appropriate action will be taken against him according to Law.

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