Alexander-The Great.

Alexander -The Great.

March 28, 2019.

A brilliant young general, Alexander, created the largest empire to which the world had ever seen in less than four years. Alexander the Great of Macedon created the empire. He was a gifted leader who took tremendous loyalty from his soldiers. It extends from Greece in the west to India in the east. The empire collapsed due to a sudden death of Alexander at the age of just 33 but it lived on in a number of cities that spread Greek culture eastwards. All these towns are called Alexandria named after their founder and it opened up trade between Europe and Asia that continued for centuries.

Alexander was the son of the King Philip II of Macedon and was born in 356 BC. In a young age, he went on military campaigns with his father. Alexander won fame for training a wild black horse named Bucephalus. The horse stayed with Alexander throughout his whole life because he was very dear to him. The famous Athenian philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) taught Alexander. Politics and morality to biology and literature were interests of Aristotle and he shared his interests with his young student.

In 336 BC, when Alexander became king of Macedon, Greece was dominated by Persia at that time. Alexander created his vast empire by defeating Persia in a number of military campaigns. When he won the area, he started trying to combine Persia and Macedonia by motivating his military generals to marry Persian girls. Alexander too married Roxana, a princess from eastern Persia.

Alexander annihilated Egypt in 332 BC and he founded a new city Alexandria in northern Egypt which became the most important city of the Greek world. When Alexander caught a fever in 323 BC and he died at the age of 33, then he was buried in a big tomb in the center of the city. After his death, the huge Macedonia Empire had collapsed within a few years.h

Alexander-The Great.Alexander-The Great.Alexander-The Great.Alexander-The Great.Alexander-The Great.

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