Month: March 2019

Alexander-The Great.

Alexander -The Great. March 28, 2019. A brilliant young general, Alexander, created the largest empire to which the world had ever seen in less than four years. Alexander the Great of Macedon created the empire. He was a gifted leader who took tremendous loyalty from his soldiers. It extends from Greece in the west to

Igor Ivan Sikorsky-Founder of Helicopter.

Igor Ivan Sikorsky-Founder of Helicopter. March 28, 2019. Igor Ivan Sikorsky (1889-1972) was born in Ukraine, where he became an aeronautical engineer. In 1919 he shifted to the United States he established an Aircraft factory. He designed the first practical Helicopter, the VS-300, which first flew in 1939. The design of the Helicopter has been

Air-An Important Part Of Nature.

Air-An Important Part Of Nature. March 27, 2019. Air is the most essential part of our planet. Without air, the Earth would be a lifeless planet because the gasses it contains are very vital for plants and animals. Air is a mixture of gasses made up of millions of tiny molecules of gas that move

Aborginal Australians in the Past and Today.

History and Way of Life. March27,2019. The aboriginal australians setteled in the australian ccontinent near about 40,000 years ago. They lived in total isolation from the rest of the world. they were completely depended on hunting and gathering for their existance.The Europeans arrived and forcing them to go away from their terroteries in the 18th

Pakistan Approves Plan to Open Sharda Peeth Corridor.

Pakistan Approves Plan to Open Sharda Peeth Corridor. March 27,2019. According to a media report, the Pakistan government approved a proposal on Monday to make a corridor that will allow Indian Hindu pilgrims to visit Sharda Peeth an ancient Hindu temple. This is also a cultural site which is in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Kartarpur is the

IPL witnesses its first Mankading.

IPL witnesses its first Mankading. March27,2019. There is a big difference between the game of today and the game of many decades ago. With the advent of technology, a lot of changes took place in every game. But cricket is one of the most famous games in the world whether it is played by a

World Tuberculosis Day 2019.

World Tuberculosis Day 2019. MAR 25, 2019.W2 Today is the world of modernization. Science has achieved vast progress in every field and one of them is the medical field. science has found a cure for many dangerous diseases.TB is one of those dangerous diseases. whether scientists have found a cure for it. But its treatment

Election Commission advisory to Media.

Election Commission advisory to Media. March 25, 2019. Display of an opinion poll and of standard debates, analysis, viuals, and sound bytes are also included in the advisory of the Election Commission. The Election Commission said on Saturday that exit polls can only be telecast on the evening of May 19 after the last phase

International Day of Forests 2019.

International Day of Forests 2019. March 23,2019. forests are an important part of nature. They play an important role not only in the life of a man but in the environment also to keep it neat and clean. The United Nations General Assembly designating 21st March as the International Day of Forests. Thus the first

World Water Day 2019.

World Water Day 2019. March 23,2019. water is the most precious gift given to us by nature. it has great importance in every field of life. one cannot imagine even to live without water. That’s why keeping in view its importance World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March each year. The purpose of the